DWS’ Going Out Of Business Sales have typically generated total sales equal to 100% of the total inventory cost (many sales generate over 100%!).
Your sale can generate 100% or more! Your results may vary, depending most on your margin and the age, condition and mix of your inventory.
The fee you pay for Your Retail Liquidation Program depends on our performance and the results of your sale.
You can be sure that DWS and your consultant will be focused on doing everything that is required to get you the most money possible for each item of your merchandise and fixtures.
You don’t pay DWS until Your Liquidation Program generates money for you.
You don’t need a lot of money to get your sale started and you can begin right away.
Your sale will start with a very effective direct mail advertising program that will produce outstanding results right away!
Your Retail Liquidation Program can make you the most money the first week of your sale, when your discount is the lowest and your profit is the highest.
Your Going Out Of Business Sale will be conducted by an experienced retail consultant, in your store throughout your sale, to help you plan, prepare and implement all the details of your sale.
Your Retail Liquidation Program will be implemented efficiently, professionally and profitably.
Your Going Out Of Business Sale will start with up to 90% (or more) of your merchandise at just 13% off retail...some items as low as 5% off retail.
You will sell your merchandise at the highest possible profit!
Your sale will use DWS’ “Sale Price Charts” instead of sale price tags. These charts and all signage and banners will be provided by DWS at no extra cost to you.
DWS’ “Sale Price Charts” will save you the time, money, manpower and hassle required to tag and re-tag all of your merchandise each time your discount changes.
Your Going Out Of Business Sale will be conducted in a focused and professional manner without games, gimmicks or giving away prizes.
Your consultant and staff will concentrate on selling your merchandise and fixtures, and you will save the money that would be required to purchase prizes (up to $2,000).
Your sale will use very effective direct mail advertising program (a $1,500 value at no extra cost to you) to market your fixtures, furniture and equipment.
You can get a better price for your fixtures, furniture and equipment by direct mail advertising to stores outside your local area. In many cases, the money generated from fixture sales has paid DWS’ fee.
Your consultant will prepare an advertising budget, work directly with your advertising representatives, and provide all camera-ready artwork at no extra cost to you.
All of your advertising will be created efficiently, effectively and economically.
Your contract with DWS guarantees your satisfaction with your Going Out Of Business Sale.
If you’re not happy with the immediate results of your sale, you can cancel the remainder of the contract.
DWS’ “Retail Liquidation Program” has a proven, verifiable record of success. We will provide you with the names and telephone numbers of retailers, like you, that we have already helped, so that you can speak with them directly.
You take a potentially emotional and stressful time and make it a positive and profitable experience.
DWS’ Retail Sales has over 60 years of experience conducting every type of retail liquidation sale for all sizes and types of retail stores.
You take a one-time opportunity and make the most money possible in the least amount of time with the least amount of cost to you. We can help you make your sale a great success!